Sunday, 5 April 2015

Dear Well Wishers,
Assam down town University was set up in 2010 by the Government of Assam as the second private University of Assam. In the 5 years of existence the University has been successful in running 50 programs and having almost 4000 students at its campus from across 11 states and 5 countries. This has only been possible due to the quality of education and the support of the teachers, students, parents, local community and the government. The University is supported by the down town group which has been running educational institutions since 1993.

A University is formed after compliance of lots of requirements like land, building, financial capacity etc. These are verified by the Government and after deliberations in the legislative assembly the bill is passed. The University is under the Honorable Governor of the State and the authority, powers of the University is clearly governed and written in its statues and ordinance. The university will then take further permissions, after due checking and inspections from the respective councils like AICTE,PCI, INC, Distance Education Board under UGC. The university Grant Commission will also monitor the University and inspect the University.

Assam down town University has undergone all this and more. The University and the trust has also been verified and empanelled and supported by the North Eastern Council, State Governments of Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Nagaland and also the Government of Bhutan. The Indian Tourism Development Corporation Ltd, (ITDC ltd) under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India runs the hotel management institution with the University jointly. Thanks to all this today the University is a vibrant knowledge campus supported by 200 odd faculties, 600,000 square feet area, 70 odd laboratories. The University is run by able faculties and administrators including, the former Principal of Assam Medical College, Assam Engineering College, Regional Institute of paramedical and Nursing, Aizwal, Director Technical Education Govt. of Assam, Senior scientist of CSIR besides, former faculties from cotton college, IIT, and such top institutes. With the faculties the University today provides direct employment to about 500 people and is indirectly employing the same number in the local community. The people of that area will vouch for that.

In the past few years the hundreds of students have already passed out and are working in various jobs in institutions such as NRHM,104,108, HMRI, Apollo hospitals, Max healthcare, HDFC, Le Meridian amongst others.

In the past few months few students have been protesting against the validity of the University. Almost all these students are studying under various governments of Assam Scholarships. They applied voluntarily to the University, not by misrepresentation or forcefully, after knowing about the university. They then went through their respective selection process under their department. None of the students have a government or similar relevant authority complain letter claiming the university has any shortcomings. They have already undergone education for one year to two in the campus and seen the functioning of the University. Assam down town University will support the education of all its students and also support all placement processes. But, the University cannot guarantee government jobs to students, as and when they wish for and where they want. The University cannot give pass marks to students without having adequate attendance and without them sitting for examinations. The students have to work hard and make themselves upto the mark by availing all support and benefits of the University. Thousands of placement opportunities await them.

These students are supported by external agents who feel that by disrupting a good performing University they can get financial gains from other players. Every year 1000’s of Assamese and local students go out of the state to study, due to lack of quality institutions. Many are fooled by mediocre institutions and their careers are ruined. They are supported by local agents all across the region. Today, Assam down town University, promoted by local indigenous Assamese people and many other such institutions, are working hard to set up and run genuine educational institutions, to reverse this brain drain. Thousands of students are being benefited. But many non local and mediocre institutions are also getting harmed due to this good work.

In today’s day and age all information is available in the internet and also from all the related offices via a simple phone call. This information can be understood in matter of minutes, if someone wants to genuinely understand and then pursue a fruitful education. But, if you want to protest, disrupt, seek media attention for only corrupt intentions and to hide your shortcoming, with no intentions to study, then nothing will help.

We have already started the appropriate legal action against such parties.
All the details regarding the University are available via website or a simple phone to any of our offices.

Thanking all for your support.

Please see the details about the Assam down town University-

  1.  Permissions
    • Assam Government : This is the Gazette that shows that the University is formed

    •  UGC : After submitting the documents of the state government to UGC, UGC puts up the name in the website and issues this letter.

    •  Statues and Ordinance by governor of Assam: These details out the powers and guidelines of the University.
    • The statues and ordinance duly signed by the government of Assam has the details. This is done after consent of the Governor of Assam. 



      2. Acceptance of ADTU courses for jobs
    • Sample of National Rural health Mission (Latest advt) showing the acceptance of ADTU to apply. The University cannot guarantee any jobs. If students apply and are good in the interview they will get these government jobs.

    • Proof of AdtU student getting Govt. job

All these details have been submitted to the students repeatedly and are readily available in all offices.

Only if the students are actually interested to find out.

The name of ADTU (down town group) clearly comes in the websites of

2. Director, Higher Education, Govt of Assam
4. PCI


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  2. Dear sir/mam

    I m Iqbal singh from Jammu(J&K). I got admission at adtu.
    ACCORDING to your team members like MINAL JI AND RAHUL JI.....I will get all the certificates between august month but unfortuntly
    that not done , I m regularly calling since aug. but no bdy responding , only one time minal ji pic my call and told me she will give update to me but after this I have not received any single update . idon't know the reason why they all are doing like that
    know I m totally fed up regarding their behavior
    plz tell me what can I do

    My enrolment number= 2014000803
    IQBAL SINGH 9419265550

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